NFT Researcher & Cool Hunter

$20,000 – $25,000 MXN / month($10K—$15K USD / year)
1+ years
required experience

About us

gm frens! We're working to on-board the next billion users to web3, crypto and the metaverse through NFTs: the fastest growing digital asset class in history.

We have the unique opportunity to be a disruptive force by giving creators the tools distribute digital art, collectibles, phygitals and mixed-reality experiences, reaching millions of people around the world.

We're announcing our USD $4.3M Seed Round, including notable web3 investors such as Fabric VC, OpenSea Ventures, CMT Digital, Susquehanna Private Equity, Dune, Impatient VC, Alliance DAO, SevenX Ventures, FJ Labs, Big Brain Holdings, G20 Ventures, Zero Knowledge and several angel investors.

We're just getting started!

Who Are You

The ideal candidate for the NFT Researcher and Coolhunting role has profound knowledge of art, culture, fashion, music, and technology. You will play a fundamental role in researching and finding some of the most creative minds in Latin America and convince them to launch an NFT project and join the Minteo Creators’ Fund.

🔥 The Cool Hunter is a professional who analyzes markets and societies from an aesthetic, sociological, anthropological, and cultural point of view
  • You love culture, tech, sports, art, fashion, and truly believe that NFTs can push all these things forward.
  • You understand LATAM pop culture behavior and are up to date with the latest trends/news - especially in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia.
  • You are a deep thinker who likes to think philosophically, you consider yourself good at understanding human behavior, the importance of user segmentation, and you love nerding out with facts and stats
  • You’re good with social media (esp Twitter, Discord, TikTok, IG) and can navigate it with ease
  • You are not afraid to think outside the box, and people / friends would consider you “creative” as well as a “hustler” because of your energy and desire to chase after the things you want
  • Bonus: You have deep and specific knowledge in either culture, sports, art, fashion (significantly more than the average person), or ideally in more than one of these areas
  • Bonus: You spend free time reading about NFTs, you know what BAYCs, Cryptopunks, Beeple is - and are curious about the different use cases and utility that NFTs can provide
  • Bonus: You own NFTs yourself, have purchased NFTs in the past, or event better: have launched a collection

What The Role Entails

  • Use Google, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Discord, Telegram, and any sources to find the coolest and hottest NFT artists, projects, and creators in Latin America
  • Spend your days navigating the web to find hidden gems (talented digital artists, traditional artists, creators, entrepreneurs / devs, influencers / community builders) who are currently working on cool NFT projects (and if they are not working on them, you think that they are talented, and they should)
  • Develop strategies to reach out to creators / projects to get them to apply to our Minteo Creators Fund, as well as build good relationships with them
  • Understand the overall “map” of the NFT community in LATAM, “who is who” in the region, and find ways to get involved in all those communities, be part of all the Whatsapp groups / Telegram groups, be invited to all relevant online and physical events, etc.
  • Develop a repository of information (database) that includes not only the contact info of these creators, but also overall trends, good online resources that you find (e.g. newsletters, people to follow, etc) as well as your own analysis of the NFT market
  • Visit galleries, museums, events, and any place where you can meet established artists and rising stars to convince them to join the NFT space.
  • Produce a weekly report and share with the marketing team on new projects you’ve found, creators contacted, new trends, and insights

Benefits & Perks

  • Competitive salary, based on experience and role conditions
  • Refunds on private healthcare and gym memberships
  • Additional vacation days
  • Flexible work hours

Please note: The precise compensation for this role is determined by the experience, skills and interview process results of the candidate.

México, Brasil, Colombia or Remote (Latin America)
Experience required
1+ years
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