Community Manager

$35,000 – $51,000 MXN / month($20K—$30K USD / year)
2+ years
required experience

About us

gm frens! We're working to on-board the next billion users to web3, crypto and the metaverse through NFTs: the fastest growing digital asset class in history.

We have the unique opportunity to be a disruptive force by giving creators the tools distribute digital art, collectibles, phygitals and mixed-reality experiences, reaching millions of people around the world.

We're announcing our USD $4.3M Seed Round, including notable web3 investors such as Fabric VC, OpenSea Ventures, CMT Digital, Susquehanna Private Equity, Dune, Impatient VC, Alliance DAO, SevenX Ventures, FJ Labs, Big Brain Holdings, G20 Ventures, Zero Knowledge and several angel investors.

We're just getting started!

Who Are You

We are looking for a Community Manager to join our fast-growing marketing team! If you are self-driven, ambitious, and tech-savvy - and interested in Web3 - this role could be for you! You will play a fundamental role in connecting with our audiences via Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and other social media channels. You should be able to act as the face and voice of our brand and manage all community communications and initiatives.

We want to build the largest, most enthusiastic community of NFT artists, creators, builders, entrepreneurs, and holders in LATAM and potentially the world. The challenge is that NFTs can mean many things (art, digital assets in video games, ticketing, communities, etc.) - which means that you will need to deep dive and learn about different industries at the same time (i.e. The different types of use cases NFTs can have). You will be the liaison to bring all that together.

🔥 The Community Manager is a person that loves to connect with others, understands LATAM culture heavily, has a good notion of technology, and is very astute and engaging in creating communities of people both in digital and in real life
  • You have a passion and knowledge for LATAM culture, art, music, food, entertainment, fashion, video games - and can deep dive into these topics and start a conversation
  • You have a decent understanding of technology and more importantly, you’ve spent some time learning about Web3 (crypto, blockchain, NFTs)
  • You can analyze behaviors and can think creatively and critically to analyze website traffic or social media traffic and make better decisions based on how to engage your communities
  • You’re good with social media (esp. Twitter, Discord, TikTok, IG) and can navigate it with ease
  • People would consider you creative, outspoken, energetic, a deep thinker, and analytical
  • You are good at managing your own time, are disciplined, and don’t need someone constantly looking over your shoulder. You’re also curious and a fast learner!

What The Role Entails

  • Manage our different social media accounts - including Discord - and ensure we’re developing engaging weekly content for our followers
  • Position Minteo in all conversations regarding NFTs in LATAM, and make sure we’re seen as a thought leader in the space
  • Be knowledgeable and connect with the hottest artists, creators, holders, collectors and entrepreneurs in the NFT space, esp. in LATAM (be a social butterfly!)
  • Monitor and track conversations going on online - and be a participant in everything
  • Build relationships with influencers, and ensure that we can do collaborations together and bring more exposure to Minteo
  • Launch guerilla marketing campaigns which can captivate audiences quickly
  • Manage the admissions process of our Minteo Creators’ Fund - follow up on applicants that started the application but never finished it
  • Read and learn about NFTs and the technology behind this space and use your communication skills to take the complexity out of conecpts and make it simple for our community to understand
💡 Note: You do not need to be a design pro. We have an in-house designer. However, design skills are always welcomed if part of your toolkit!

What We Look For

  • Proven work experience as a community manager or a similar role with constant contact with users/community/ or social media initiatives
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in both Spanish and English
  • Ability to synthesize information that is more dense / robust and explain it in simple ways and have conversations around NFTs and technology
  • Bonus: You have deep and specific knowledge in either culture, sports, art, fashion (significantly more than the average person) or ideally in more than one of these areas
  • Bonus: You spend free time reading about NFTs, you know what BAYCs, Cryptopunks, Beeple is - and are curious about the different use cases and utility that NFTs can provide
  • Bonus: You own NFTs yourself, have purchased NFTs in the past or even better: have launched a collection

Benefits & Perks

  • Competitive salary, based on experience and role conditions
  • Refunds on private healthcare and gym memberships
  • Additional vacation days
  • Flexible work hours

Please note: The precise compensation for this role is determined by the experience, skills and interview process results of the candidate.

México, Brasil, Colombia or Remote (Latin America)
Experience required
2+ years
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